Monday, October 25, 2010

Another Bathroom Game

A couple of days ago I shared one of the Kid's new games to play in the school bathroom. Alas, this is not the first school bathroom game she has participated in.

Not the actual bathroom but pretty darn close - her school had 5 or 6 toilets in a row.

A couple of years ago, her preschool teacher told us about the latest fad in the class. At this stage the boys and the girls shared a bathroom and actually used the facilities at the same time. And there were no stalls. I'm not sure why but whatever - it wasn't a big deal to us. She knows about penises and vaginas and inappropriate touching etc...

The cool thing to do was to flush the toilet for someone else. So Kid A would flush for Kid B and Kid B would flush for Kid C and Kid C would flush for Kid D and Kid D would flush for A.

Really. We were all like, WTF? Including the teacher. But hey, kids will be kids and at least they weren't peeing on the ceiling. I just feel for the poor teacher - having to explain this new "game" to all the parents. Poor guy shook his head the whole time.

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