Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why we have so many cameras

A couple of years ago my husband was chosen to go on a special training session for work. He was gone for a whole six weeks. Yup, I single parented a three-year-old for a bit.

While he was away, he did some tourist stuff with the other people attending the session. He brought our first digital camera with him (I had recently bought a better one because I was the official wedding photographer at a friend's wedding). So, he took his first picture and promptly dropped the camera.

And it never worked again. So, I bought a water-proof camera that can be dropped from six feet and can even be frozen. Virtually indestructible.

Well, until we went helmet-diving two years later and the camera committed suicide. But, it gave us a good two years in which both Hubby and the Kid were able to help preserve our family memories. And of course, we bought another one - different brand though.

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