Sunday, October 31, 2010

Worst Mother EVER!

We don't do pumpkins. They're gross and wasteful. Well, that's my excuse. In reality I am just lazy. We have a couple of fake pumpkins that plug in that we use each year. One is a fibreoptic and the other has a Cinderella silhouette.

That should be good. Right.


Or so I discovered at 3pm on Halloween when my daughter informed me that she NEEDED a pumpkin to draw on. Since I was going grocery shopping, I said okay. Then, I got to the store and saw there were 4 pumpkins left - they were all rotten and had holes in them. SHIT! So, I bought oranges. They're almost like pumpkins, right? RIGHT?

I brought them home and she almost bought them. Then she looked closer. "MOM! Those are oranges!" Luckily I had stopped at two other stores and finally scored an acceptable pumpkin for $2. Which she decorated with magic markers. A thing of beauty!

And she decided to decorate the oranges too.

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