Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chapter 2 in the Dolphin Poo saga

The kid dictated the second chapter of our Dolphin Poo book. She's one wacky kidlet.

One day Sparkles decided to go on an adventure. So, she decided to go to Sweetland. Sparkles took the stuff she needed and went to the bathroom before she started on her adventure. When Sparkles had finally started her adventure she met a very pretty butterfly. She went to get something to eat before she continued her adventure. She stopped at her favourite restaurant and got some fish to eat. And then she continued. She went to the dolphins boat stop. And got one of her favourite boats to borrow for her adventure.  She drove her boat. When she had finally got to Sweetland she went to one of Sweetland’s restaurants and she got something different to eat. She’d never had this before. The thing she had to eat was a sandwich! She went for a swim before she had some fun at Sweetland. She went to one of Sweetland’s shops and bought some pretty decorations for her house.

When she got home she went back to the boat stop to give back the boat. Sparkles went to a treat shop when she got home again. She had some fun with her dolphin friends. The game they played was Dolphin Pass. They played music and when the music stopped. The dolphin that was holding the potato had to spin around three times in circles, up and down and through the square. And they played a different game – Note. To play Note they passed around a note. The dolphin at the end of the line got to read the note and then the dolphin had to swim away to get ready for the next game. And then they kept passing the notes and when they were finally all out of the notes they played the next game called Island. They went to the boat stop they got one boat for each of them. They had to race through the seaweed square and up three times and the first dolphin to get back to the game stop won a dolphin trophy. The dolphin trophy was a statue of a dolphin circling inside a seaweed square.

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