Friday, November 19, 2010

I love books

I like to read! Scratch that. I love to read!

I thought that I wouldn't get as much time to read after the kid was born. But that was not the case. I can still read a book every day or two. 

Here's a list of my some of my favourite authors. You may notice that I am fond of English and Irish authors. I`m not going to list them all right now. Let`s call this "part one".

Catherine Alliott - I enjoy these books especially Rosie Meadows Regrets and The Old-Girl Network. Her books are funny and a bit romantic.

Lousie Bagshawe - Ms. Bagshawe writes great chick lit. All about the rich and famous. Very fun and a very easy read. Her characters are fabulously developed. Tall Poppies is one of my favourites. But they are all good.
Tilly Bagshawe - Ms. Bagshawe has written both chick lit and thrillers. I prefer the chick lit. Although there are some thrilling bits. Read Flawless or Do Not Disturb.
Maeve Binchy - A lot of Ms. Binchy's books have been set in the past - 1950s and 1960s. Generally they are set in Ireland. Her more recent books have been set in contemporary time. I like how those books have a bit of an overlap in terms of characters. She's developed her own version of Dublin. I do prefer the older novels like Light a Penny Candle though. But I love everything she has written.
Colette Caddle - She's a bit hit or miss but I usually like her books. I can recommend and Shaken and StirredForever FM. None of her books are bad. I just like some more than others. I just can't remember which ones I didn't love.
Katie Fforde - I discovered this author on the discount rack at Chapters. It's hard to find her books in print but I've been slowly collecting them. Having a Kindle helps since her most recent books can be bought from Amazon. She's not a very popular author here in Canada but she should be. Love Letters was a great novel but all of her books are good. You can sometimes find them in the library.
Emily Giffin - Ms. Giffin is an American author. You've probably already seen her novels on the bestseller lists. Something Borrowed and Something Blue tell the same story (sort of) from the perspective of two different characters. Great idea! 
Olivia Goldsmith - Sadly Ms. Goldsmith died a few years ago during elective surgery. She wrote The First Wives Club - which was way better than the film adaptation!I don't love the books that were published after her death. They don't have quite the same feel to them. But the others are pretty good. Especially Flavor of the Month - didn't see that ending coming!
Jane Green - Ms. Green is a British author who is based in the United States. According to wikipedia she was one of the founders of the Chick Lit genre. I've enjoyed all her books.
Beth Harbison - Ms.  Harbison wrote Shoe Addicts Anonymous, Secrets of a Shoe Addict, Hope in a Jar and Thin, Rich, Pretty. I prefer her first three novels.
Melissa Hill - Ms. Hill is a new find of mine. She's not so popular over here in Canada so I've only been able to read two of her books - and one I could only find online. Before I Forget was the first book of hers I read. I have also read Please Forgive Me. I prefer Before I Forget. It was a little twisty. She has other titles published but they're unavailable right now.
Wendy Holden - These books are hilarious. There is a recurring character who seems a little Paris Hilton. They're all good.
Erica James - I haven't been able to find all of Ms. James' books yet. But what I've read has been great. It's the Little Things is a bit about the 2004 Tsunami.  If you're lucky you might be able to get a a collection of Three Great Novels by Erica James. Three books for about $10. Awesome deal!
Cathy Kelly - I love Cathy Kelly's books! They're a bit like Maeve Binchy's. So good! But that is Just Between Us.
Marian Keyes - Ms. Keyes is one of my favourite authors. I didn't love her last two books but the others have been great. I recommend Sushi for Beginners as a starting point. 
Judith Krantz - Ms. Krantz is a romatic American author who was writing Chick Lit before it had been created. I've enjoyed each book starting with her first - Scruples (published in 1978) to her latest - The Jewels of Tessa Kent (published in 1998). I don't think she's going to write any more novels. 
Carole Matthews - She turns out books almost as quickly as Danielle Steel. Luckily Ms. Matthew's books are far superior. They're an easy, entertaining read but it doesn't seem like she's just phoned in the story. I really liked Welcome to the Real World.
Fiona O'Brien - I really enjoyed No Reservations. She has other books but it is hard to find them on this side of the pond.
 Shelia O'Flanagan -  Her books are silly and romantic but perfect when you don't want to think too much. A great way to relax before bed. I recommend Caroline's Sister.

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