Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pure Evil!

We have two cats. The oldest cat is the devil. Her name is Trinity and she hates people. She loves the three of us but everyone else should die according to her. As soon as someone steps into our house, she starts growling. It's kind of scary.

My girlfriend is especially scared of Trinity because one night she babysat for us and locked Trinity upstairs in our bedroom. Before she knew it, the cat was standing next to her growling. When I came home that night, I discovered that my girlfriend had used the baby gates to build a wall between her and the cat. Have I mentioned that the cat can jump? We also had to come home early once because the 14-year-old babysitter was scared of the cat. Trinity was stalking her.

Trinity like to go outside and stare down the neighbours. She also requires heavy sedation at the vet. They won't give her shots unless she is out cold. But she is really nice to Hubby, Kid and me. Well, asides from those occasions when she would pee on things because she was pissed that we wouldn't let her outside. That seriously sucked!

But we still love our evil, ridiculously mean cat. And she loves the three of us. As long as we let her outside.


  1. I think you are delusional. The cat does not love anyone. I'm pretty sure I witness her draw blood on your arm each and every time I come visit.

    The cat is pure evil, just like you said. There is no love.

  2. hmmm, i have a feeling that Pure Evil has a twin named Daisy (we went thru most of QK font titles before we found on DS could remember ...)... anyway, we adopted Daisy a few yrs back and she fell in love with Otis the dog (RIP) and Sam. She is somewhat fond of me too (mostly i suppose because i purchase the food and force the DD's to clean the popper)...the DD's she can be somewhat friendly with; completely ignores DAH and HATES all others with a passion. i tell everyone to leave her be but mostly people are stubborn and refuse to believe that she already doesn't like them ... then they complain about her - duh!! anyway, almost 2 yrs ago we found a stray which we ultimately named KC (for kitty cat as i was initially refusing to harbour a fugitive but ultimately lost the battle); KC is a gem, loves everyone, super cute, very friendly, greets me at the door and even likes DAH (personally, i think she is missing a chromosome but thats another story ...) ... still to this day, Daisy hisses and growls at "the interloper", chases her, wont let her eat, etc. she is relentless

    its nice to know that i am not the only one who can love a bad kitty!

  3. Did I mention that I am also really allergic to the cats? They are trying to kill me with love. Sleeping on my pillow and burrowing under the blankets with me when I sleep.