Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The best laid plans

This week the kid was supposed to spend quality time with her grandparents in Niagara. This was hubby and I could go to work as normal and have a little quiet time before the holidays.

My dad picked her up on Sunday. They went to a movie and dinner with my mom. On Monday they were supposed to drop her off at the inlaws house. We would then pick her up on the 23rd. Hubby took the 24th off to look after her and I finish work at noon. Sounds like a great plan, right.

Alas, kid coughed so much on Sunday night that she vomited. And she developed a case of the sniffles. We can't expose hubby's mother or sister's 3-month-old baby to that. And my parents are off to Texas tomorrow.

I picked her up from Niagara yesterday afternoon. Luckily my office is really quiet this week so she will accompany me to work each day for a few hours to make sure all is good and then I'll work at home the rest of the time. Thank God for giant portable hard drives, the Internet and my wonderful (although getting a little old) laptop.


  1. T, i forgot to even consider childcare until tuesday morning! hahaha! (not very good at this back to work thing yet) i am blessed with a 12yrold, DAH who can occasionally work from home, a boss w kids and grandparents who don't mind when we accidentally forget to pick up small girls! LOL!

  2. Oh no! I'm glad your support system came through! I guess in a worst case scenario they could camp out at the store. But imagine the bill they would rack up in supplies!