Saturday, December 4, 2010

Books and more books

Here is part two of my list of favourite contemporary authors.

Adele Parks - I like thick books. I really like to get to know the protagonist. Ms. Parks' books are an escape from the everyday. Game Over is an entertaining book which revolves around one of the worst types of reality shows. I'm actually surprised it isn't an actual show. Maybe in England?
Carmen Reid - Ms. Reid has written a series of books about a personal shopper. The first in the series is The Personal Shopper. There are also several fun books from this British author that aren't part of a series. Her slogan is "A fabulous read. A sexy read. A Carmen Reid." And it's true.
Annie Sanders - the first novel I read by Ms. Sanders was Goodbye, Jimmy Choo.  I think that is my favourite novel by this British author.
Wendy Wax - I've only read one of her books - The Accidental Bestseller. But it was awesome so she made my list.

Jennifer Weiner - She used to write for womens magazines like Cosmo. Now she writes fun books. Her first was Good in Bed. 

Lauren Weisberger - She wrote The Devil wears Prada. And yes, the book was even better than the movie. 'nough said. 

Penny Vincenzi - Ms. Vincenzi writes epic novels. Big thick tomes that span years. British. Most recent title is The Best of Times.

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  1. I was disappointed with one of Lauren Weisberger's recent books. But The Devil wears Prada book was so much better compared to the movie.