Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chef Kid

In the Spring, the kid decided that she was going to open a restaurant when she grows up. She was full of plans. She and several classmates were going to open it together. All her other friends were going to work as servers.

Since we are her parents, she told us that we'd have our own private room in the restaurant! She wouldalways be our server and we’ll have a special menu. Best of all – it wouldbe free! But we could buy the ingredients from her and make the recipes at home if we want.

The menu and the name changed on a daily basis.  One thing they were always going to sell was Coke.

Her career aspirations have evolved and while she hasn't given up on the idea of being a chef, she has decided that she'd prefer to be a fashion designer. For the time being.

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  1. Can Jasper and I get in on the free food and fancy room deal?