Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dolphins poo diamonds. It's a fact.

Kid dictated another chapter about Sparkles the diamond pooping dolphin. Can't hear enough about that topic, right? Right? Hello, anyone still reading... ah well, here it is.

Sparkles and all her friends all went to butterfly garden to pick some of their favourite flowers for a feast they were having at dinnertime with lots of their favourite sweets which Sparkles had bought from Sweetland at one of her adventures. Sparkles pooed some diamonds for the feast. Just to decorate the tables because it wasn’t really sticky or smelly or gross – it was diamonds to all the dolphins and Sparkles. Sparkles delivered the mail to all the dolphins that didn’t know about the feast. The other dolphins set up games and food and stuff like that. Sparkles got on her computer to make some presents. The presents were guitars and nail polish for all the dolphins. And then it was finally time for the feast. All the dolphins had fun and enjoyed themselves as they went around all the shops and enjoyed the feast. Then they went to bed.

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