Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The joys of texting

Late in November, we were driving home from Niagara when we let the kid play with my iphone. While she was playing Angry Birds, my sister texted me. And now that the kid knows about texting she wants to use the phone all the time. So, sometimes I let her text her dad. Most of the time it is utter nonsense but she has finally realized that texting "111122222333333" is not the funny joke she thought it was. I must admit it is helping with her spelling. And she is learning her way around a QWERTY keyboard. So, I go along with it. Even if it does mean I never seem to get to use my phone!

Partial transcript of a recent conversation:

Kid: I. Love. You. Daddy
Daddy: Tell me about your day!
Kid: It. Was. Good.
Daddy: Why do you put periods between all your words instead of just spaces?
Kid: It"s. The. I. Phone.

A whole lot of nonsense goes back and forth.

Daddy: Oh. Type me a LONG message and give me some time to get work done. Tell Mommy I asked you to do that.

She didn't.

Kid: Do you. Want a. Taco silly. Silly. Goose
Daddy; Sure. Now send me a longer message or stop sending messages, please.
Kid: Longgggggggggggggg
Daddy: No more messages. Tell Mommy I said STOP!!!!! I'll come home soon.

Finally she said something to me that made me think that her father wanted the texts to stop.

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