Thursday, December 30, 2010

Last minute shopping

I shop year round so I don't have to worry about making a mad dash to the malls on Christmas Eve. It seems this is not a genetic trait. That was obvious when at 3:30 pm on December 24, the kid looked at me and said, in a panic, "I forgot to get some presents! You have to take me to the mall!" Remember she is 6.

I caved since she was caring about others - namely her aunt and uncle. Plus, when I picked up my sister I noticed that the local mall wasn't packed. Our parking spot was about 20 feet from the door. And it was an underground spot. Score!

Kid gets $6 allowance each week and was able to buy her last minute gifts with her own money. Soap from Bath and Body Works for her aunt and a $5 Wii video game for her uncle (a punching game which, I gather, sucked).

She was happy. I was happy. And then I noticed the crack in my windshield that was not there when I parked 30 minutes before hand. Grrrrrr!

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