Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Registered Trademarks

The kid has thought a lot more about her restaurant. She has decided that she wants to make it more of a Fast Food place. Sort of like Mandarin, Taco Bell and Lone Star. She wanted to name it Lone Star Taco Bell.

This led to a big discussion on how names are trademarked, franchises and all that. So, in a few years when she is ready to register her restaurant's name - she's going to talk to a lawyer. If none of her friends are lawyers she'll talk to my friends or the lawyers that work with her aunt. It's all planned out.

I know that you will want to hear more about this restaurant. It is going to be called Make it Yourself. She came up with the name and concept all by herself. It will be an all you can eat affair where you can make your own pizza, tacos, burgers, etc... Although she did tell me that she would cook the meat for people - they basically just have to assemble it themselves. She's really put a lot of thought into her plan. Now to teach her about business plans.

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