Monday, December 13, 2010

We're Time Travellers, baby!

We live in a great little townhouse. It has three floors, plus the basement. It also is magic. As we progress from the top floor (parents bedroom) to the main level (kitchen and family room) we actually go back in time!

Years ago my hubby started setting his alarm clock about 10 minutes early. After numerous power outages both our alarm clocks are in synch. They are also half an hour early. So, every day I get to sleep in until 7 am. Yet, by some miracle, when I come downstairs after showering and getting ready for work - it is... 7am!

Total magic, eh? The clocks on the main floor are either not working, lost, or hidden behind stuff. So, we're not sure what time zone the kid's room, craft room, laundry room and bonus family room are in.

It's weird, but it works for us.


  1. The basement is EST. I know from experience.

  2. Yeah, not anymore. There was a power outage. I think it might be on Japan time now. But hey, at least the basement is finally clean!