Monday, January 31, 2011

More on the temper

"I'm ready for my hug, Mommy. Then go away"

That was how the kid let me know that is was time to tuck her in during Friday's temper tantrum.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

"There's no point"

Every once in a while, we get a sneak-peek of what the teenage years are going to be like. Yes, I am already saving for boarding school.

On Friday night we had Family Movie Night. I made sausages, stir-fried red peppers and make cheese risotta. Nothing that the kid doesn't like. And then we watched Princess Bride while we ate. Except the kid didn't eat. Okay. I kept her plate around because it would heat up easily. And I figured she's get hungry eventually.

She did at 9:20 pm. I was just about to send her to bed when she announced that she wanted something to eat. She heated her dinner up and sat down to eat. Before she had taken a bite she announced, "I already know what I am going to have for dessert!" And I laughed. Because when it takes you 4 hours to eat your dinner, you don't get dessert.

"If I don't get dessert there is no point to eating." she said.

As you can imagine, she was then sent to bed. After a bit of back talking and bringing up the fact that she had a packed lunch - once - without a treat (such as a granola bar). It was pretty clear that she was exhausted. Although she argued the whole time. She insisted she was going to stay awake all night because she was totally not tired.

She was snoring 5 minutes later.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Last night I stayed up until 3am working. The creative juices were flying so I just kept working after hubby and kid went to bed. I'm glad I was up though because I heard the kid suddenly start talking in her sleep.

We ended up having a real conversation. All about the cats that were in her head. Apparently they could make greeting cards with their own paws. And there were a lot of other odd details. She's so funny!

Hubby will sometimes talk in his sleep but not in this much detail or for so long! I make no sense when I talk in my sleep. Sometimes I don't even make sense when I am awake.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Bringing the deals

Grouponing, or whatever you want to call it, became all the rage this past year. In the Toronto area there are several organizations offering the opportunity to buy something you may want for a fraction of the regular cost. I thought I'd "group" as many as possible here for your convenience. And so that I could continue to keep up my daily blogging. Oh yeah, and where possible I'll link it so I get credit if you buy this stuff.
That's all I can think of right now. Let me know who I have forgotten. And now, let me tell you about some of the deals I have gotten!

Through Wagjag I paid $75 for the kid's birthday party instead of $200. True the party was at the crack of dawn but it had to be early since her BFF's birthday party was that afternoon.

On Groupon I bought gift certificates to The Body Shop. $20 for a $40 gift card. Pretty sweet. Especially since I was able to use the gift card on their crazy Before Christmas sales.

On Team Buy I bought peel and stick posters that I get to design myself. I haven't made them yet but I'm pretty excited about the concept. And it only cost $25 for 3 12x17 posters. I also bought Bucky Balls for hubby and his buddy for Christmas. Way cheaper than they were at the As Seen on TV store.

I haven't bought anything from Living Social yet. But I do like their vacation packages.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Off the Map

With the new year comes a new crop of television shows. Remember when that used to only happen in September and October?

One of the heavily promoted shows is Off the Map. It's another doctor show but with a twist - it is set in the jungle. A jungle which is visited by tourists. Tourists who keep getting hurt in horrid ways. The tagline for the show seems to be "For some doctors, there are no boundaries."

I have never been a regular watcher of any medical dramas. But, I have watched both episodes of this show. It was entertaining and a little disturbing. Makes me never, ever want to visit South America. Could be why the show is shot in Hawaii. It probably won't help increase tourism to Brazil or Peru. Not many people want to be crushed by a python or get their arm stuck in a zip line way up high.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sushi chick

The kid is not a picky eater. At least not compared to her mother.

Over the Christmas break, the kid spent a few days with my parents. My mom knows that the kid likes sushi - that made her very happy! So, she took the kid out for All-You-Can-Eat-Sushi.

Things did not go well. Mom didn't realize that the kid likes vegetarian sushi. She doesn't like raw fish. She really doesn't like raw eel. She also like tempura and the various cooked meat dishes you can get in Japanese restaurants.

Kid hated the experience. We've since had a discussion so that she can order California rolls in the future. I just like that she insisted that the reason she was sick yesterday was because of what she ate "at that restaurant with Grandma!"

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick Kid

The kid is sick. Not really a shocker the way that disease has been spreading around the Greater Toronto Area lately. She woke up nauseous, with a head ache and felt dizzy. Since today was a Lunch Lady day (she loves the hot meals she gets on Tuesday and Wednesday) I took her seriously when she said she was too sick to go to school.

As a result she has spent the day resting in bed. Mostly reading. I also let her watch a little bit of television. But the idea was to give her body the chance to rest. And, of course, I needed a bit of piece and quiet so that I could do my work.

Here's to hoping that the kid is healthy tomorrow.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Do It Yourself
I recently was introduced to this crazy blog - I wish I had found it last year when we were redoing the kid's bedroom. All of these awesome, detailed plans on how you can make your own knock off furniture. Here's the author's "about me".

I’m not a trained carpenter.
I am a mom.
I am a girly girl.
I am what my brothers would call a chicken.
But I build furniture.
I use saws.
I use nailers.
Guess what?  It’s really not that difficult.
And if I can do it, so can you.
And if thousands of other people, just like me can do it, so can you.
And here is everything you need to know to get started. So you can learn from my hard lessons and lucky breaks (and everyone else’s!
 Awesome! Eventually I'll either make something or ask hubby to build something. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Sunday

Last night while Hubby was tucking in the kid (this was round 2 - Mommy went first and did the whole lights out thing and Daddy popped in about 15 minutes later for a cuddle) he said, "Tomorrow is Sunday!"

Kid's response, "Yeah! Donuts!"

Seriously, where did that come from? Hubby and Kid only go to Tim Horton's once a month or so. I think. Of course, I sleep in on weekends so maybe they have been sneaking off to Timmy's every weekend? Hmmmm.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Reading above grade level

The Girl Who Owned a City was one of my favourite books growing up. I read it countless times in grade school. The premise of the book is that all the people over the age of 12 have died from a virus. Naturally, there is chaos as the children attempt to survive. Gangs develop and the main character comes up with the idea of a fortress where she and her friends can live safely.

The actual story wasn’t that fabulous but it certainly sparked my imagination. I put myself in the place of the main character and developed my own plans for what to do if such a scenario occurred. I actually asked my parents if that type of thing had ever happened before.

I read the book for the first time in fourth grade. In seventh or eighth grade, my class was assigned a book report on this novel and we had to write down what we would do – talk about having one’s homework done early!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Did you know...

The kid had her first horse riding lesson last Sunday. After freezing our toes and fingers off, we went out for sushi. Because, hey, nothing warms you up quite like sushi.

While we discussed her experience she explained why there are barn cats.

There are barn cats there to eat the mice so that the horses don't eat the mice. That's also why there are barn owls.
There you have it! From our own little "expert". The more you know....

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Juiced Up

The kid came home from school and told me she had to look for “juiced up” words in her books.


I had ever heard this term before. She told us that it meant excited. I turned to hubby and asked him if he had heard of this term.
“Nope, all I can think of is a bunch of words hopped up on drugs”

“Drugs! That’s a great one!” exclaimed the kid.
It was quickly explained to her that “drugs” is not an exciting word and not something she should run around discussing at school. And now we wait for the inevitable parent-teacher-principal conversation.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


A few months ago we were shopping in Chapters when I discovered several sets of LittleMissMatched socks on sale for half off. Only the adult sizes. They were pretty cheap and pretty cute so I bought two packages. A total of six socks. I usually wear them on the weekends.

The kid is quite jealous of my socks. I refuse to pay $12 or so to get her a set. However, I did find a few sets of 3 socks at Justice in Buffalo on Black Friday. I bought some for her stockings.

And that is when it started. Her socks now never match. The missmatched socks at least compliment each other but she will take a sock from two different sets with totally different colours and wear them together. She will take a Gymboree sock and match it with a Childrens' Place sock. Even though they in no way coordinate. I really think even a person that is colour blind would be dismayed at what she puts together. Brown and purple jungle themed anklet socks should not be paired with knee-high, plain, hot pink socks. It just isn't right.

And yet we let her continue to do it. Why? Because that's just how we roll. Although we do tease her from time to time.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The girl who... did stuff

I finally jumped on the bandwagon and read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl who Played with Fire and The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

It took me almost 6-months to get around to reading the books (the first two have been siting on my "to read" shelf) but once I started they were all read within a week.

I did enjoy them. It just was a bit hard to get around the Swedish terminology. I finally logged onto Google to figure out a couple of things. For instance, when the author refers to a temperature he used Fahrenheit instead of Celcius. So when the temperature reached -6 and the characters complained it was super cold, they weren't being babies - it was really -21. I have to agree that is really, really chilly.

I also had to figure out the value of the Norwegian Krone. It turns out that 1 Krone equals about $0.15 CDN. So, 10,000 Krona = $1483.19 and 1,000,000 Krona = $148,318.81.

So, if you haven't read Stieg Larsson's books (he's dead so there won't be any more), you should. And if you are my sister than you can borrow them both. I downloaded the third one to the Kindle so you'll need to get that out of the library.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Monster Killing Machine - every house should have one

The kid had a play date a couple of days ago at our house. M. had never been to our house before so the kid gave her a tour before they got down to some serious Barbie play time. As they went up the stairs, kid pointed out the "monster killing machine" and explained how it kills any monsters that try to come into our house.

Remember, this is the kid that no longer believes in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.

Oh, yeah, and she can read things like "Carbon Monoxide Detector".

I renamed the Carbon Monoxide Detector the Monster Killing Machine back when the kid was three or so. She was convinced that the monsters were going to get her in the night. In a fit of genius, or bad parenting, I told her that we had a system to keep monsters out. Our first line of defense is the cats. The cats will eat any monsters that come in our house. The second line of defense is the "Monster Killing Machine" it will destroy any monsters that enter the house but if a really bad monster enters, it will make a loud pitching noise. Then we have to get out of the house really, really quickly and call the authorities.

I don't know why she accepts that the carbon monoxide detector actually kills monsters. To the point that she feels it is an integral part of the house tour.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Doing my part for Haiti

The kid doesn't really understand all the horrible stuff that happens in our world. But she can read the newsletters and flyers that come home from school. The latest one asked us to "bring in your empties for Haiti."

Kid kept telling me that we had to bring in our empties. I had to sit her down - again - and explain that we have none.
Me: Kid, Mommy and Daddy don't have any empties.
Kid: Why not?
Me: Empties come from drinking alcohol - beer, wine that sort of thing.
Kid: (blank stare)
Me: Mommy and Daddy don't drink alcohol. Hence we have no empties.
Kid: But what about Haiti!
Me: What happened in Haiti, Kid?
Kid: (blank stare)
A few days later she brought it up again...
Kid: I talked to M, her parents don't either but she signed up.
Me: (blank stare) What are you talking about?
Kid: Haiti and the empties.
Me: How is M participating if her parents don't drink?
Kid: She just is.
Me: They must drink wine or beer or something. Either way, we can't participate because we don't drink.
Kid: But what about Haiti?
Me: And what about all the kids her in our town that don't have food or safe places to sleep?
Kid: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

So, there you have it. I'm not going to risk Hubby's sanity and ask him to take up drinking to help out Haiti. I'm also not going to start drinking (which causes issues with my now active Crohn's) for Haiti. And really, why is my kid's school encouraging the kids to encourage their parents to drink? I must have missed that memo.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It might happen

When I took the kid sledding last weekend she got really excited because
Kid: "We might run into Ms. S and C. at the park."

(Ms. S being her teacher and C her 3-year-old daughter)
Me: "Oh?"
Kid: "yeah! If they decide to go sledding too. And if they decide to come to our park."

True. It might happen. Just highly unlikely and I certainly wouldn't bank on it.

Incidentally, the sled at our park is not really a hill - more of a slightly elevated are. Hardly a sledding destination unless you are worried that your kid is going to try dangerous stuff at a real hill.

We didn't run in to her teacher or any of her friends. But, she did jump on top of me and stick snow in my face.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Questionable Vocabulary

The kid is pretty fascinated with horse back riding at the moment. We are looking into lessons. But, as she waits for that to happen, she's been training a lot of her toys to horse back ride.

She makes them groom the horses and all that. Strangely, they are taught how to ride by a manager and go on interviews.


If either hubby or I were looking for a new job this might make sense. But we aren't. So... what? I'm pretty confused about this one. I can't think of any time in the last few months where we may have used the word interview. I think it was used last year when my sister was job hunting. And of course, the kid can't explain where she came up with this idea.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Disney or ???

We've been to Disney World a lot! Hubby and I went there for our Honeymoon. We took the kid in 2006. And again in 2007. And again 2008. Then we went twice in 2009 (we got annual passes late in 2008 and got our money's worth). Surprisingly we didn't go to Disney in 2010. It was a conscious decision. We figured the kid needed to experience something else. So, we went to Bermuda.

We're sort of thinking about what we want to do in 2011. Not really sure yet. I've asked Hubby to make a list of what he is looking for in a vacation this year. Maybe he will since I know he reads this. I don't think he is ready for Disney yet. Although the kid is now tall enough for all the rides...

Eventually we'll make a decision. The kid and I are going to Texas with my sister in March but that doesn't count as a family vacation. Even though we are going to visit family.

The kid thinks we should go to Japan. When I reminded her of our "flights of 4 hours or less " rule, she asked me what there was to do in Chicago. 

What are your vacation plans this year?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

They are trying to kill me

How else could you explain the cats consistently napping on my pillow - all the time?

They could sleep on hubby's pillow. The kid has a bunkbed. Lots of places to cuddle up there. They even have three cat beds (and we only have two cats). Heck, the evil cat even created her own hideaway on top of our wardrobes - complete with pillows. Yet, they keep coming back to my pillow.

No wonder my allergies are so terrible. Ah well, that's what allergy medications are for, right?

I would just lock them out of our room but then they spend hours trying to rip up the carpet. Sometimes the stupid (but cute) cat will just bang her head on the door. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Laughter is the best!

There is this one blog I read that makes me actually laugh out loud (as opposed to LOL where you smile and type LOL). I frequently laugh so hard I cry when I read her posts. My only complaint is that she doesn't post as often as I would like!

That site is Hyperbole and a Half! Funniest blog ever! It is written by Allie Brosh and I am sure you will enjoy reading her quirky tales and her funny doodles.

Monday, January 10, 2011

It'll make me happy...

Last week I let the kid use our bathtub. It's a nice jacuzzi, soaker tub. I'll admit it was one of the key features (to me) in buying our home. I love my tub.

And now, so does the kid.

A few days later I went to pick her up at school. I've just walked in the door of the room where her after-school care is when she starts talking...

Kid: Mommy! Mommy! M and I had a fight. I cried. But we're friends again. To make me feel better can I have a bath in your tub as soon as we get home?
Me: Uh...
Kid: Yes. I love your lovely tub. Can I have the jets on, please? They don't scare me like they did when I was a baby.
Me: Let's talk about this on the walk home.
Kid: Please? It'll make me feel so much better

Of course I let her have a bath. Why wouldn't I want her to have a clean butt?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hooked on Phonics

While kid and I were driving to meet a friend for dinner she told me all about her day. One of the highlights of her day was spelling dolphin correctly. The conversation went something like this.
[I'm driving the car. It recently snowed so people are a little stupider than normal.]
Kid: Can you spell dolphin, Mommy?
Me: Ah, D-O-L-P-H-I-N
Kid: No! You're wrong?
Me: Really? (confused) I'm pretty sure it is D-O-L-P-H-I-N
Kid: Nope. You forgot the F.
Me: Uh, there isn't an F in Dolphin.
Kid: Yes there is. D-O-L-L-F-I-N
Me: No. That is not how you spell dolphin.
Kid: Yes it is. You are wrong, Mommy.
Me: No, really. That is not at all correct.
Kid: Yes it is. You are wrong, Mommy.
Me: No. Really. Dolphin is not spelled by putting the word Doll next to the word Fin.
Kid: Yes it is.
Me: No it isn't.

[This goes on for quite a bit. She keeps insisting I'm wrong. I keep insisting that I'm right]

Me: Seriously Kid! If I am wrong and Dolphin is actually spelled D-O-L-L-F-I-N in the dictionary we will move to Disney World.
Kid: And if I'm wrong?
Me: You'll go to bed without any fuss?
Kid: I don't want to talk about this anymore.

So, I won the argument. But did I really? I did argue with a 6-year-old. Who really wins in that situation?

Exactly, Daddy. Because he didn't have to ride in the car with us.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today my baby sister (my only sister if you don't count my sister-in-law) turns 25! She can officially have a quarter-life crisis!

Hopefully this year she can even become a divorcee! :)

Yeah, I am the best big sister ever! Hey, I was an only child for 8 years, 2 months and 1 day. I'm still getting used to this!

Happy Birthday! I still remember when I came home from school and Grandma announced that she still hadn't been born yet. The call came at 7 something that night. Let's say 7:55 pm since she was born at 7:47. And when I woke up there was a gross picture of my baby sister. I took that picture to school - I was so proud of her!

And I still am.

Friday, January 7, 2011

At least she is honest

I was running a bath for the kid. She started complaining because she hadn't gotten to read her book yet. I told her that she could read after her bath. 10 seconds later she asked if she could read after her bath.

Me: "Do you ever listen to a word I say?"
Kid: "No. Not really."

Frankly, that explains a lot.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Reading Journal

The kid has a reading journal book that I am supposed to write the name of her weekly reading book in and any comments she has about the book. I'm not sure if I am also supposed to list any other books she reads.

I frequently forgot to write the information down. She reads many books. She can easily read a chapter book each day (such as Geronimo Stilton). And since she will just sit down and quietly read I don't even know which books she has read.

My resolution is to actually fill in the bloody book journal.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


My sister is the best. Remember how a few months ago my parents went to Japan and couldn't really find anything Kawaii (means cute in Japanese) even though everyone else I know who has been there says it is everywhere! But, I digress.

For Christmas my sister ordered me a whole bunch of super Kawaii papers and stickers! So freaking adorable!

But best of all - she gave me a stuffed toilet paper roll! Seriously! It is so awesome! It is Snowflake, the toilet paper plush!
She is awesome! And goes perfectly with the bright pink, rudely decorated, PG rated guest bathroom. Our artwork all came from this artist - Hug + Kiss Designs. We scored and got the "art" for a fraction of the price they are now selling for.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Some movies stand the test of time...

And, surprisingly, Home Alone 2 is one of those movies.

I remember going to see the movie with my sister in 1992. She was 6 years old. Flash forward to 2011 and my kid is 6 years old. 25 years between them and they both found the movie equally hilarious.

We watched the movie with the kid on New Years Eve. When she woke up she insisted on watching it again. I didn't argue because I was operating on zero sleep. Plus her little friend had fallen asleep and missed this "super hilarious" movie.

It has raised some concerns about her lack of empathy towards the bad guys. She thoroughly enjoyed watching Kevin maim and injure them. It's okay though, you see "they're the baddies and they totally deserve it." 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to normal

Ah, the holiday season is now behind us. Back to work. Back to school. Lots of traffic on the highways. And I can take down the Christmas Tree! Woo hoo!

I put that darn tree up way too early this year - November 14. Totally insane, I agree. It did make the kid pretty happy though. I just think having Christmas vomit all over my house for 6 weeks is enough!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

This is more aggressive than it is passive

People suck. After visiting the grocery store I have come to that conclusion. Heck, you can easily figure that our whenever you go anywhere in public. Common courtesy seems to be a thing of the past as people move around in their own world not even thinking about others.

After yet another trip to the outside world where I was constantly cut off as I tried to navigate the aisles of the local grocery store, I got grumpy. I was bumped into by 8-year-old kids pushing their parents shopping carts - seriously, what are you thinking? People stopped suddenly in the middle of the aisles, abandoning their carts as they grabbed things from shelves on their side of them.

Nobody thinks of others. I'm sure I'm not always considerate but I try. I really do. I'd love to give out one of these cards to people that are just plain rude. I wonder how long it would take before someone realized that by giving them the card, I too would deserve a card.

Instead, I will just think about giving them to jerks. And now you can think the same evil thoughts.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bonus Post

Because it is 5:30 am and I can't sleep! I've had nothing to drink either. No sleeping pills either. That could be the problem. Alas, in about an hour Kid and her buddy C will be wide awake. I'm sure that will cure my insomnia!

But in my sleepless state I have been able to watch my drunk friends play on Facebook. Internet + Booze = a lot of entertainment for those of us that are sober. Let's see how long this video stays up!  I think it totally brings the crazy!

Happy New Year!

2010 wasn't too stressful. Hopefully 2011 will be just as pleasant. I still frown when I think about 2009. It was pretty awful.

It's not like anybody died in 2009 - well, except for two of our grandmothers, but they were really old and didn't have much of a quality of life at that point but I digress - it was just a bad year. And it was bad right up until the end of 2009.

So, those of you that had a rough 2010, remember 2011 can be better! Really.

After all this year, nobody died. Nobody's husband came out of the closet (not mine I must assure you). Nobody had to talk to a Psychiatric nurse. So, all in all, I would say that 2010 rocked!