Monday, January 17, 2011

Monster Killing Machine - every house should have one

The kid had a play date a couple of days ago at our house. M. had never been to our house before so the kid gave her a tour before they got down to some serious Barbie play time. As they went up the stairs, kid pointed out the "monster killing machine" and explained how it kills any monsters that try to come into our house.

Remember, this is the kid that no longer believes in Santa Claus or the tooth fairy.

Oh, yeah, and she can read things like "Carbon Monoxide Detector".

I renamed the Carbon Monoxide Detector the Monster Killing Machine back when the kid was three or so. She was convinced that the monsters were going to get her in the night. In a fit of genius, or bad parenting, I told her that we had a system to keep monsters out. Our first line of defense is the cats. The cats will eat any monsters that come in our house. The second line of defense is the "Monster Killing Machine" it will destroy any monsters that enter the house but if a really bad monster enters, it will make a loud pitching noise. Then we have to get out of the house really, really quickly and call the authorities.

I don't know why she accepts that the carbon monoxide detector actually kills monsters. To the point that she feels it is an integral part of the house tour.