Sunday, February 6, 2011

Community Helper

The Kid had to interview a Community Helper for school. Who did she choose?

Her uncle, the firefighter?

No. A firefighter came and visited her class a few weeks ago. We're not sure why that means she can't interview her uncle but she didn't want to.

Her Mommy, who has worked at United Way for over 10 years?

No. Although she thinks that the fact that I sometimes teach scrapbooking classes makes me more of a community helper than all my actual work on behalf of the community.

Her Daddy, the nuclear engineer?

No. I don't even think she considered that one.

She chose her Aunt who is a legal clerk. Not super obvious but I think it is cool that the kid decided all on her own that her Aunt was a community helper and the best choice for this assignment.


  1. If I'd thought of it sooner I would have suggested she interview Hubby's friend who lives in Australia and volunteers to help sick kids, etc... but dressing like a stormtrooper!

  2. Let me know if she needs to interview someone in the private sector :P