Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Day Adventure

Yesterday was Family Day. And of course, since Hubby works for the Federal government he doesn't get the day off. So, it was just me and the kid.

And we went to Toronto to visit my sister and her little dog too.

Our "great" adventure consisted of the kid going on her first subway - actually she got to ride two subways! She also got to ride a streetcar for the first time ever. And we went to the Eaton Centre. Which was a zoo.

It made be realize that most of the kid's mass transit experience has been on monorails and airplanes. She's been on a couple of GO trains and a couple of bus rides but that is it. She truly is a child of suburbia.

At least we walk to and from school. Usually.

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  1. you will have to join us some night - when steve is away we sometimes go on the go into the "city" then take the subway then eat then find a streetcar then maybe some streetmeat then the subway then the go then home ... fun times!