Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hating inanimate objects

The toaster I love and miss. Hamilton-Beach toaster-oven 2 in 1.
As I type, my right, index finger is still pulsing with pain while developing an increasingly large blister. Why? Because the kid wanted a toasted Pop Tart and I removed it from our toaster oven.

Growing up I had toaster ovens. Never a traditional toaster. Hubby had the reverse. When we got married we went the traditional toaster route. Way better for making toast but useless for anything else.

Several years ago we got an awesome toaster/toaster oven hybrid. When you switch a switch it becomes either a traditional toaster or a toaster oven. We loved that thing. Then the switch broke and I couldn't find a replacement anywhere.

So, we bought a toaster oven. And I hate that thing. I think this burn has pushed me over the edge. A traditional toaster will again reside in our house by the end of the week. I'd say the end of the day but I'm sick and trying not to spread the love. Or maybe I will be able to track down another 2-in-1 toaster. seems to have one!

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