Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why didn't they give you a chance!

Hubby and I were very sad to discover that one of our new favourite shows was cancelled in December. The Good Guys was a great show set in Dallas. IMDB describes it as follows:
Jack is a by-the-book detective whose habit of undermining himself has resulted in a dead-end position with the Police Dept. His partner Dan, a drunken, lecherous veteran hangs onto his job only because of one heroic act years ago
It starred Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford and it was a great cop show. We loved it. They must have know that cancellation was imminent because the season finale worked really well as a series finale. Well done!

This got me thinking about other shows that didn't get a fair shot. Like Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (which also starred Bradley Whitford) which went off the air in 2007.

I remember reading in the TV Guide in 1992 (this was before the Internet was mainstream) that three of my favourite shows had been cancelled. In the same photo caption. I wished it had been a joke. Those shows were also quite different: Nightmare Cafe, The Torkelsons and Eerie, Indiana.

Surprisingly The Torkelsons was rebooted in 1993 as Almost Home starring Britney Murphy. They also got rid of a bunch of the kids. It's like they never existed! Eerie, Indiana was also rebooted in 1997 as Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension.

I don't understand why Nightmare Cafe didn't also get refreshed. I thought it brilliant. Mind you I was only 15 and I haven't seen an episode in 16 years, but the premise was pretty good:
Frank Nolan and Fay Peronivic find themselves in a mysterious all-night cafe following a brush with death - but they soon learn that they did, in fact, die, and have been brought back to life by the cafe. Frank and Fay are given the opportunity to correct something in their lives that went wrong the first time, and upon their success, they stay on as the cafe's new cook and waitress. With the aid of Blackie, the enigmatic owner of the cafe, Frank and Fay find themselves dispensing hot coffee, daily specials, justice and second chances to the many imperiled and troubled souls that the cafe is somehow able to attract as it travels from place to place.
Of course I also loved SeaQuest. But that actually aired for three seasons so it doesn't belong here. I know where other shows but I'll save that for another day. Maybe.

Goodbye, The Good Guys, you really were one of a kind.

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