Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evil tests

Last week I had an MRI for my Crohn's disease. I wasn't worried about it. I figured since it was less invasive than my colonoscopy it would be smooth sailing.

And it sort of was. And it wasn't.

My appointment started two hours later than scheduled. And I got to drink bowel prep right before my MRI. Yes, the same stuff that makes you GO. Only I got to drink a bit less than I had to for my colonoscopy. And they gave me something to delay its effects. And boy did it work. I was fine during the MRI - which incidentally is just loud - I got to watch part of a movie while it was running. I was fine getting home. But for the next 5 days the prep would suddenly start working. Complete with the stomach cramps. Super.

But at least there wasn't a tube up my butt.

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