Saturday, March 5, 2011

Girl drama!

The kid has had a lot of boyfriends in her six years. We've kind of lost track of them all. The latest boyfriend is an older boy - a 6th grader! In fact, he used to be her lunch monitor.

I'm not worried because as far as I can tell this is how their relationship began.

A gaggle of first grade girls surround a grade 6 boy and ask
"Is the kid your girlfriend?"

The sixth grader laughs and sarcastically says "yes".

And there you have it! The kid is quite embarrassed about her new boyfriend. I give it to the end of the weekend before she decides to fall in love with another boy. I just feel bad for the old boyfriend who got dumped for the 6th grade boy. He's moving to New Zealand next week. You'd of thought she's put off breaking up until he'd left. Isn't that why they invented email?

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