Saturday, April 23, 2011

100 days of hell...

The kid celebrated 100 days of school back in January. It is almost May - so that was way more than 100 days ago. And we still have to listen to her talk about the experience. From what I can gather the highlight of the day was that all the kids got 100 snacks.

It sounds impressive until you find out what constituted a snack. Each kid got 10 chocolate chips. And they got to choose 90 other items (10 sets of 10). Such as mini marshmallows, cheerios and pretzels.

She didn't even eat them all. Most of them were thrown in her knapsack. When I found them they were disposed of. And yet, it seems to have been the highlight of her year so far.

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  1. It's true. The number of times I heard about that in Texas....