Saturday, April 30, 2011

Filling Cavities

Last night, the kid had her first real filling. Complete with freezing. She had one a couple of years ago but it was really little. At the time the dentist told us it was because of weak enamel. A common issue with premature babies. Or so, he tells me.

This one was more substantial. It needed to be frozen. And, it was also not the result of poor brushing - it seems she has a couple of abnormal teeth which are super susceptible to cavities. The word deformed was used. And they're way in the back. Only one of the two "weird" teeth has a cavity but it is at the back of her mouth. This made it quite fun for the dentist to try and fill.

What should have taken 20 minutes turned into a hour. Why? Because the kid is a drama queen. The dentist, not our regular one, told the kid to raise her hand if she wanted the dentist to stop. I swear the kid's hand was raised the entire time. Eventually, the dentist told her that she HAD to finish so she couldn't keep raising her hand.

And yet, the kid was still given a treasure from the treasure box. Did I mention she even got to watch television during the event? And Mommy was with her the entire time? Life is rough when you're six.

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