Friday, April 29, 2011

For reals?

While I was in Calgary, the hubby found a mouse in the house. Actually it ran across the stove while he was cooking. Did I mention we have two cats? There is no mouse evidence. We checked the cupboards, etc... no mouse.

Since Hubby was the only one to see it I wondered if the mouse was actually a figment.

On an unrelated note, our dishwasher started leaking - again! We had a problem with the hose in September. It leaked. The repair man thought a mouse had eaten through it. We thought he was nuts.

So, it seems we do have a mouse. A mouse that lives under the dishwasher chewing through the pipe. I have no idea what it eats or where it poops. Seriously, I can't see any evidence of its existence other than our poor, mutilated dishwasher.

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