Friday, April 22, 2011

My secret obsession...

I am ashamed to admit it - well not really because then I wouldn't post about it - but for the last couple of years I have frequently found myself... playing Webkinz.

I know!

Kid got one a few years ago but she couldn't read well enough to play the games. Luckily Webkinz Junior came out soon after. That she could handle. So I started playing the Webkinz games to earn the kid money. You know, for when she eventually could play Webkinz. That time came sooner than I expected. And she was thrilled to discover all her cash. She can earn her own money now. And yet I still log on to play the funny games - which are basically reincarnations of old school games like Pac Man, Frogger and Bejeweled.

And kid just keeps spending the money I earn.


  1. Worst kept secret. I found this out last year :P
    I have no Webkinz, so I go with Sporcle.

  2. Hey, maybe I'll give you her login and password and you can play too!

    I also downloaded the iphone apps. (hides head in shame)