Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pissed off

Free to any home - good or bad, at this point I'm too ticked to care - one jerky, evil cat that likes to piss on things when you don't do exactly what she wants in the exact timeframe she demands.

Yeah, like there will be any takers.

I've had a terrible headache all week. It seems this is another lovely side effect of my current medication cocktail. Tuesday was a non-functioning day. I slept for almost 30 hours except for the time I stumbled downstairs to collect various painkillers. They didn't work. But I digress. In that 30-seconds, the evil, devil cat demanded to be let outside. In the pouring rain. I didn't let her out and went back to bed.

Hubby came home to a puddle of piss in front of the back door. This is her way of expressing her anger with us at not allowing her to be an outdoor cat. Incidentally, somehow she actually peed INSIDE of the kid's shoes while we were on vacation. So, apparently, she is a talented pisser.

So, yesterday morning she was put outside (with food, water and shelter) when we went to work. I let her back in the house when I got home. She couldn't get in fast enough. Perhaps a few more days like that (although it was a gorgeous day) will cure her pissing?

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