Sunday, May 1, 2011

Why, no, my husband isn't an idiot

And I'm offended that you thought he was!

I spent almost a whole week in Calgary for work. Hubby and the kid had to fend for themselves. I wasn't worried.

Seriously. It's not that hard to get her ready for school, take her to school (with lunch), pick her up, feed her and put her to bed. Really. She's six. We have tried to raise a reasonably self-reliant child and, I think, for the most part, we have been successful. I was not worried. If I had been I would have asked one of the grandparents to move in for a few days.

Hubby wasn't concerned. I wasn't concerned. The kid wasn't concerned. Heck, neither sets of grandparents were concerned.

However, it turns out that the mother of one of the kid's classmates was concerned. They had a play date the day after I came home. The mom spent a good portion of that time explaining how she had her daughter pack an extra lunch for MY kid each day. Because, you know, my husband would forget to feed her.

Wow! And said with a straight face.

Yes, I will give hubby a hard time. I'm even okay with our family members  teasing him. And good friends. But people I hardly know? Really? My husband is not an idiot. Absentminded, perhaps. But he is one of the best dad's I know. He may forget to replace the toilet paper but he isn't going to forget to feed or clothe the kid. My husband is not an idiot, and I resent the implementation.

Unless we're related or best buds. 

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