Monday, June 6, 2011

Crazy Conference

Today and tomorrow I'm attending a conference in downtown Toronto. The content is great but there are a few things that have shocked me - as an event planner.
  1. There is one big room. It can be divided in to three rooms. When we arrived it was one room. Then, they put the wall dividers in (during our 15 minute break). We had a session. Then they took the wall dividers back out so we could have lunch. And then the wall dividers went back in again. So weird!
  2. When I went to get lunch at noon there were 4 meals left. It seems most of the other classes let out early. They were all vegetarian meals. Not a risk I want to take at the moment given my digestive issues. However, there was a huge stack of "special" meals at the back. Eventually, when they realized all the meals were gone and there were a lot of people still looking for lunch, they gave out the special meals. Mine was chicken without mushrooms. Interesting since none of the meals had mushrooms in them. I know because I asked.
But, the content has been very impressive. And really, that is the important part. I'm just afraid they're making way more work for themselves than was necessary.