Saturday, July 16, 2011


I only started drinking plain old water a few years ago. I always thought tap water tasted funny and even Brita filtered water didn't taste right.

Eventually I discovered that I really like some bottled water. And I like it at room temperature.

And then environmentalists got up in arms about all the bottled water people drink. Some places banned the sale of bottled water.

I've tried to drink tap water, but since it tastes odd, I don't drink as much as I'm supposed to. I end up drinking sugary beverages instead. And I really am sensitive to the taste of water. Even some bottled water tastes disgusting to me. While writing this post, I read that Dasani and Aquafina water - both of which I hate the taste of - is actually municipal tap water from a city in my region. I like Nestle water so maybe we just need to move to that community.

Until then, I will drink my bottled water and recycle the bottles. And feel bad for being environmentally unfriendly. But, I'm hydrated, which is what the doctor prescribed.


  1. Hey, where is Nestea bottled? We may have a relocation opportunity coming up anyway - we'll add it to our list of criteria for places to work!

  2. You know I always thought that the funny tasting water thing was a whole lot of hooey until I moved here. The tap water in Vancouver is really nice (and Whistler is even better... mountain filtered water from the tap!).

    Now when I go Back East all I can taste is chemical and algae. So I don't drink the tap water if I can avoid it. Or I flavour with a Crystal Lite or something to try and cover up the horrible taste. Its always a surprise to me that I can taste the difference.

  3. See Steve, another reason why Vancouver would be okay.