Thursday, July 7, 2011

Look with your eyes!

The kid has been with my parents at the cottage for the last week. We've been talking to her everyday. Today when we called we discovered she was alone at the cottage. The parents were next door. Somehow it came out that she couldn't go next door with them because her shoes were wet. To be more specific, sopping.

I'm not stupid. I sent her up with three sets of shoes. Her runners, water shoes and Crocs. It seems she misplaced one of her Crocs. Then, as we were talking she found it... under the bed.
Mommy: Why didn't you look under the bed?
 Kid: I did!
Mommy: Did you use your eyes or your nose?
Kid: My nose!
Mommy: And that's why you couldn't find it.
See, even when she's away she drives me a little crazy.

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