Saturday, July 9, 2011


The kid just finished the fifth Harry Potter book, Order of the Phoenix. Tomorrow she comes home and she can get the Half-Blood Prince.

She told me that she's been practicing her spells all week at the cottage. But, she doesn't have either of her official wands. It's okay thought. She was practicing with a stick. And, just so you know her right hand is her wand hand.

And no, I'm not telling her about the midnight showing of the last movie this week. We'll take her sometime next weekend.

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  1. I really think that Universal is the single greatest vacation we have taken her on. No fussing or whining to speak of, enthusiasm going in and coming out, a great hotel. I'd totally do it again (without the cruise for a chaser).

    Her loving the Harry Potter books as much as we do is really what sold it, I think. And the Woody Woodpecker roller coaster.

    Maybe if we tag one more day, spend a little more time in Islands of Adventure and catch all the little happenings going on during the day.

    I'd do it again, just not TOO soon.