Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sticky Fingers

Yesterday my 10-month-old nephew came to visit for the day After the kid got over the green eyed monster we had a lot of fun. Much later, after they had gone home and the kid should have been fast asleep we had the oddest conversation. She was complaining about how E gets lots and lots and lots and lots of attention, etc... I explained that babies do get a little more attention - mainly because we have to make sure they don't get themselves killed. That wasn't the weird part.
Kid: Babies have really sticky hands and feet. That means that they can climb the wall and even sit on the ceiling.
Me: Really?
Kid: Really!
Me: And where did you hear that?
Kid: I just know. Because when I was playing with him I touched his fingers and feet and they were really, really sticky?
Me: Couldn't that have been drool?
Thank goodness we're not having more kids! I don't think she could handle the "competition".

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