Friday, July 15, 2011

The tale of the mean mommy

Last night I let the kid stay up a bit late watching a Harry Potter movie. In anticipation of today's release. I didn't let her watch the whole thing.

That's not why she had a temper tantrum.

She had a fit because she wanted to take her book upstairs with her. I wouldn't allow her to because I actually wanted her to sleep - not read. And then there were tears.

She insisted that she wasn't going to sneak read. She was going to read it in the morning when she woke up before us. Cue parental laughter because she very rarely wakes up on her on on weekday mornings. However, just in case today turned out to be an exception, I told her I'd put the book in her room after she fell asleep.

And the hysterics continued. She must think I am an idiot.

Eventually she calmed down. She even explained that I should know that she wasn't going to read because if she was she would have snuck the book upstairs and hid it under her pillow. Funny, that's what I thought she was doing when I stopped her from bringing the book upstairs.

Incidentally, we had to drag her out of bed this morning.

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