Sunday, August 21, 2011

Really, Walmart?

On Friday we went to the cottage. Just for the day so we could see my Grandma, Aunt and Cousin. They were only there for a couple of days so it was the only time we could see them.

We left our house at 7am. The kid complained that she had a bit of a headache but I thought she was just tired. Apparently it was a migraine. An hour or so in to our trip, she threw up. So, we stopped at a Walmart to get medicine (could only get Tylenol because the Gravol was locked up until 9) and stuff to clean up the mess. As we checked out, I asked for a couple of extra bags.

"No, it's against our policy."

As you can imagine, I saw red. "Really? She's throwing up! I need something for her to be sick in. Can I at least buy some bags?"

"No, it's against our policy. But, I guess I can give you one."

Yes, I could have run through the store (set up differently from our Walmart) to try and find garbage bags or something but, you don't really want to do that when you're dealing with Little Miss Pukey Pants.

I did stop the greeter and express my displeasure at this policy. He gave me quite a few bags because of the situation, but I was still a bit annoyed. I won't be visiting that Walmart again.

Luckily the kid ended up okay for the rest of the trip. It seems she has inherited our migraines.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Babies, just another type of animal

"Babies aren't my favourite kind of animal." stated the kid to her paternal grandma. She was referring to her 11-month-old cousin, E.

This was a couple of hours after my father explained to us that the kid sees life as black and white or rather - favourite and not favourite.

Is she hated something, like Key Lime Pie, she would push it away and tell him, "This is not my favourite." Or, in other words, "I'm not eating this horrible stuff!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Yesterday the kid came home. She was full of stories about the cottage. And the drive home. It seems she was really, really thirsty.
Kid: "So thirsty, I drank a whole bottle of KFC!"

Me: "Pardon?"

Kid: "A whole bottle! Can you believe it?"

Me: "A bottle of what?"

Kid: "KFC rootbeer."

Me: "Oh! A&W rootbeer."
And yet I still don't have any grey hairs.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sink or Swim

Last week the kid took swimming lessons at the cottage. The instructor was a family member, S. The kid loves S! Or did until swimming lessons.


Because S made her actually swim!

On Monday things were okay. The kid was pumped to get S as an instructor.

On Tuesday, the kid called us to complain and whine. Darn S made the kid swim towards her! And kid couldn't touch the bottom! Yeah, we weren't very sympathetic.

More of the same on Wednesday. Except this time S made the kid swim even more and the kid ended up eating seaweed (according to the kid). "I don't like swimming in the lake!" Once again, we, the parents, told her that we agreed with S. The kid needs to practice swimming so that if there is ever a crisis she can stay alive. "But, I'll have my life jacket if I'm in the boat!"

Thursday was better. The kid swam underwater and grabbed at S's legs while helping the other kids. Apparently, swimming is okay if you are being a holligan.

Friday was even more fun. They played games. And swam - a lot.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Poor Grandpa

My dad has had the pleasure of the kid's company at the cottage for another week.

They come home tomorrow.

We've talked to her, in depth, every day. Sometimes several times.

Tonight she asked me about her "electronics" meaning her Nintendo DS and (used, old) ipod. She never checked her knapsack. Which means my poor father hasn't had a break all week! Except for her swimming lessons but I think they caused more chatter.

Now I totally understand why he said he'd drop her off "as early as possible" tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I shouldn't be surprised

The kid's vocabulary shouldn't surprise me, but it does. While she was playing a video game she told me: "The monster book keeps obliterating us!"


It seems her father didn't use that descriptive word first. It seems that the little sponge is actually learning all the words she reads. I just didn't expect them to appear in our day-to-day interactions all the time.

Why use "beating" or "destroying" when you can use "obliterate".

Monday, August 1, 2011

Who would you love best?

Further adventures in trying to get the kid to sleep.
Kid: If you had 10 more kids what would you name them?
Me: At most I'd have 2 kids.
Kid: What would you name the other one?
Me: Alex.
Kid: Who would you love best.
Me: I'd love you the same.
Kid: I mean really. Who would you love best?
Me: You (I'm exasperated at this point)
Kid: What about Alex?
Me: Well Alex would be a jerk so we wouldn't like him or her.
Kid: Yeah, she'd break my stuff or he'd poop everywhere.
Me: Exactly. And that's why we're only having one.

God help us if we ever receive a surprise.