Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sink or Swim

Last week the kid took swimming lessons at the cottage. The instructor was a family member, S. The kid loves S! Or did until swimming lessons.


Because S made her actually swim!

On Monday things were okay. The kid was pumped to get S as an instructor.

On Tuesday, the kid called us to complain and whine. Darn S made the kid swim towards her! And kid couldn't touch the bottom! Yeah, we weren't very sympathetic.

More of the same on Wednesday. Except this time S made the kid swim even more and the kid ended up eating seaweed (according to the kid). "I don't like swimming in the lake!" Once again, we, the parents, told her that we agreed with S. The kid needs to practice swimming so that if there is ever a crisis she can stay alive. "But, I'll have my life jacket if I'm in the boat!"

Thursday was better. The kid swam underwater and grabbed at S's legs while helping the other kids. Apparently, swimming is okay if you are being a holligan.

Friday was even more fun. They played games. And swam - a lot.


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