Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I am a sucker

The kid is a Beaver this year. Next year she can be a cub scout. One of my oldest friends, Scouter Sunshine, from high school is a leader. Since the kid is a big fan of Scouter Sunshine's son and she has a big interest in camping so I signed her up. And I signed up to be a leader at Sunshine's encouragement.

Today I got my police check back saying it was okay for me to work with kids. I told the kid and explained that volunteers have to have checks to make sure they aren't going to hurt any of the kids. Her immediate response, "Well, that really doesn't help if the person hasn't done anything yet but plans on doing something."

Why does my child immediately jump to the worst case scenario?

Incidentally, the kids decided I would be named Scouter Rainbow. Although the tiebreaker child tried to switch his vote to Bubbles after my name had been chosen.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I am still alive...

I just haven't had much to say. I've been pretty busy at work and, frankly, I just keep forgetting to blog.

Yesterday, one of my Facebook friends mentioned this amazing blog - You are not a photographer. Apparently I am a fauxtographer. I have a nice camera but I am not a professional. Although I was paid to take wedding photos once - they asked me. And I made sure they got their money's worth via a fancy scrapbook.

Today my old boss asked me if I wanted to be a guest at her wedding or her paid photographer. I think I'm going to go as a guest although I will take lots of pictures! And I think it is safe to say she will be getting a fancy scrapbook as a wedding present (I'm pretty sure that's what she really wants anyway!) I took the pictures at her wedding 9 years ago. They were pretty bad but at least I wasn't paid!