Monday, October 3, 2011

The prophecy

The kid is not having the best of days today. Neither am I.

I will admit that since I am recovering from a vicious strain of the flu I am not on the top of my mom game. Let's face it - I am tired, cranky and I feel like crap.

But that doesn't mean the kid can do whatever she wants.

  • fooling around on the stairs
  • throwing her dirty laundry in the closet instead of in the laundry bin right next to the closet - seriously it took more effort to throw the clothes in there than in the bin
  • not turning her music off after she was told to when her music "kept distracting her" from the onerous task of putting on her pjs
She did a few other things that were rude and against the house rules.

And as we tucked us in she informed us that she "knew since aftercare that it was going to be a bad night because that is what her fortune said." Uh huh. And she had nothing to do with it.

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