Sunday, December 4, 2011


Today while the kid and I were running errands we drove past a Red Lobster. That used to be her favourite restaurant so of course she starting chatting about it

Kid: Red Lobster isn`t exactly my favourite anymore. I like nice, fancy restaurants

I`m perplexed and so I ask her to give me some examples of nice, fancy restaurants. The fanciest restaurant she has been to (other than a really nice restaurant my aunt took us to in Texas when kid was 3 or 4).

Here are a few fancy restaurants according to the kid (not in any particular order):
  1.  The Keg - okay, I can get behind that since they have low lightening and she usually only goes there on special occasions
  2. Lone Star Texas Grill -They have all-you-can-eat fajitas. That totally screams "fancy" to me.
  3. Jack Astor's - Classy is when the wait staff write on your table - in crayon!
  4. Swiss Chalet - yes, they deliver. And their marketing often revolves around being "good value" and a "family restaurant"
  5. The Melting Pot - she insists this is her favourite restaurant but she never eats anything except the bread.
  6. Outback Steakhouse - Bloomin' Onion. Need I say more?
Regular old restaurants seem include
  1. McDonald's - home of the Happy Meal
  2. Bob Evans - breakfast for dinner or lunch or breakfast!
  3. Red Lobster
 So, there you go. Take your date to McDonald's - it's cheaper and according to the kid, it is the same as a trip to Red Lobster. Sigh!

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