Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cat Crack

Our nice kitty, Sera, has a thing for chicken. She really, really loves it.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across cat treats at Walmart that are just freeze dried chunks of chicken. I bought them and promptly forgot about them. Yesterday I remembered that I had them and offered them to our cats. They both turned up their noses and the treats remained uneaten. "That was a bust," I thought as I cleaned them up and forgot about it.

A few hours later, at 2 a.m., Sera started screaming in our bedroom waking both hubby and I from sleep. She just wouldn't stop. So I put my hands on the floor to try and pet her. And my hands touched something plastic.

"Oh my God," I exclaimed. At this point I'm pretty sure hubby thought Sera had brought me a dead mouse. Thankfully, she had just brought me the package of chicken treats, that she had grabbed off the kitchen counter and dragged up two flights of stairs, and was insisting that I give her a treat right away.

I don't negotiate with terrorists so I just put the treat package in my nightstand and went back to sleep. Or tried to. Sera kept trying to get the package. After 30 minutes of this I finally relented and gave her some treats. And was woken every hour or so by the cat trying to get more treats.

It's cat crack.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adventures with creepy things...

Yesterday at 10:40 am I got a call from the kid's school. My first thought was, "oh no. She isn't over the stomach flu and barfed in class."

I wish.

Nope. There is a lice epidemic in our town and "eggs and hatched nits" were found by the friendly community Nit Nurse in my lovely daughter's long, thick hair.

It is possible that I used an expletive or two after the school secretary told me why she was calling.

I got to the school just in time to get my hair examined by the Nit Nurse. Woot! I got an all clear. So, the kid and I went to the pharmacy and bought the poison and $24 metal lice remover brush. The pharmacist said that the plastic one that comes with the poison would probably be good enough. But I decided that it would be worth the $24.

Kid got plunked in the tub with her head covered in poison while I threw all her belongings in either plastic bags (where they will remain sealed for 2 weeks) or the laundry. And then I did all the poison stuff and brushed her hair with the metal comb.

"This isn't fun for anybody, Kid." I exclaimed while she grumbled.
"It looks like it is fun for you" she responded

Because lice are fun. Woo hoo! Best way to spend a Thursday.

I still don't know what I was looking for. I couldn't find anything in her hair so we went to the unpopular walk-in doctor down the street. He got out his magnifying glass and said, "I don't see any lice either. She can go back to school." This was at 2 pm.

And her hair still smells like poison. At least I didn't have to treat the cats for lice. Apparently human lice don't do cats. Thank goodness for small mercies.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sometimes my parents are creative. Sometimes they go with the crowd.

My sister and I were born 8 years, 2 months and 1 day apart. There are reasons for the significant age gap but the weird thing is our names.

My name is rather unique; especially the spelling. It was not a popular baby name in the 1970s. Heck, I think it was last vaguely popular in 1910. I was always frustrated that I couldn't find any "customized" items with my name on them in the stores.

My sister, on the other hand, can easily find her name splattered on all sorts of merchandise. Heck, a popular brand of nail polish boasts her moniker. My parents gave her one of the most popular names in the 1980s.

Seems kind of strange doesn't it?

I never ran in to many people with my name. Especially not my age. However, I did go to Girl Guides with a girl with the same name as me - although hers was spelled differently. We ended up in the same high school in grade 9.

My grade 9 English class was filled with people with the same name. Now, it isn't unexpected to find more than one Michael in a class but this class had duplicates of many less common names. Including mine. I'm pretty sure that wasn't a coincidence. Especially since there were eight pairs in a class of less than 30. But I must admit it was really weird not knowing if the teacher was referring to me when my name was called. She transferred to another school the next year and I was back to being "one of a kind".

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Privacy is a thing of the past

We've been struggling to get the kid to close the door when she is in the bathroom. It doesn't matter if she is using the facilities, having a bath or just changing - she refuses to shut the door.

Which I guess is okay since the cats don't like doors to be closed. If a door is completely closed they will scratch and scream at the door until you open it. If it is not latched closed they will open it. If you continue to try and shut the door they will continue to scratch or push it open.

Perhaps the kid is smarter than the rest of us? Since she never shuts the door she doesn't have to worry about the wrath of the cats. Although, they do try and avoid her most of the time.