Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adventures with creepy things...

Yesterday at 10:40 am I got a call from the kid's school. My first thought was, "oh no. She isn't over the stomach flu and barfed in class."

I wish.

Nope. There is a lice epidemic in our town and "eggs and hatched nits" were found by the friendly community Nit Nurse in my lovely daughter's long, thick hair.

It is possible that I used an expletive or two after the school secretary told me why she was calling.

I got to the school just in time to get my hair examined by the Nit Nurse. Woot! I got an all clear. So, the kid and I went to the pharmacy and bought the poison and $24 metal lice remover brush. The pharmacist said that the plastic one that comes with the poison would probably be good enough. But I decided that it would be worth the $24.

Kid got plunked in the tub with her head covered in poison while I threw all her belongings in either plastic bags (where they will remain sealed for 2 weeks) or the laundry. And then I did all the poison stuff and brushed her hair with the metal comb.

"This isn't fun for anybody, Kid." I exclaimed while she grumbled.
"It looks like it is fun for you" she responded

Because lice are fun. Woo hoo! Best way to spend a Thursday.

I still don't know what I was looking for. I couldn't find anything in her hair so we went to the unpopular walk-in doctor down the street. He got out his magnifying glass and said, "I don't see any lice either. She can go back to school." This was at 2 pm.

And her hair still smells like poison. At least I didn't have to treat the cats for lice. Apparently human lice don't do cats. Thank goodness for small mercies.

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