Sunday, February 19, 2012

The kid is having one of those weeks.

The kid is being a bit of an idiot about bedtime. She is totally testing me and it is really hard not to laugh at her.

The other night she was told to go to bed.

"No, you can't read the last three chapters of your book. It is a school night and I know it will be at least 20 minutes before you are actually in bed because you mess around so much."

So, she announces that she has to go to the bathroom. And starts coming downstairs to get her book.

 "Err, no, you can go the bathroom without the book."

You see, I wasn't born yesterday and I know when she's trying to work the system. I would have done the same at her age. But she is not good at the sneaky. Thank goodness.

She immediately stomped her foot and screamed, "I don't have to go to the bathroom."

No kidding, kid.

We then got to listen to 20 minutes of her lying in bed screaming "nobody cares about me!"

Poor thing. 

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