Monday, March 26, 2012

Mommy's words of wisdom

"It is hard to be a contributing member of society when you are licking people."

We're trying to get the kid to at least pretend to be normal (at least in public). But that means breaking bizarre habits. Like licking family members. We've never been accepting of that behaviour but I'm hoping that this "thing I never thought I'd say" will get through to her.

I also believe in the Easter Bunny.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games

Reading The Hunger Games on her
Kindle while eating red peppers.
The kid announced that she can't wait to see The Hunger Games.

I told her that we could go and see it - if she read the book. Yes, she is still seven so I'm not 100% on this but she did read all the Harry Potter books so she has covered some dark material.

She's just started reading it and here are a few of her observations
Kid: "I know why they're called the Hunger Games - everyone is hungry"

Kid: "Is Katniss a girl?"
Me: "Yes"
Kid: "I thought so. She seems like me."
Me: "How so?"
Kid: "She goes in to places that it is illegal for her to go."
Me: "What illegal places do you go to?"
Kid: "I meant she does dangerous stuff."
Me: "What dangerous stuff do you do?"
Kid: "Like running around where they are playing basketball."
Me: "Right. Totally the same."
(It is possible that I am a little sarcastic to my child from time to time)

Kid: "When do I finally get to read about the Hunger Games?"

Kid: "I think that Katniss goes to the Hunger Games. She seems like the main character and I'm sure she is going to win! Doesn't she, Mommy?"

Kid: "ooooh, Mommy! The reaping is starting! I just got to 4%"

I can't wait to her her opinions on chapter two...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We survived

Our road trip to Dallas from Toronto and back was not too traumatic. The kid apparently travels really well except as we reach the-less-than-1-hour-until-we-reach-our-final-destination. Then I wanted to disown her.

But we did it I'll share more details later. Right now, I have to "call it". As it got darker and darker, the kid would suggest that we "call it". She forgot to finish the thought with "a night and get a hotel." I'm just going upstairs to my bed to sleep the sleep that happens when you take a serious sleeping pill. :D

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kid is more popular than her mom

Last year I created a blog for the kid called What the kid thinks. It was just a place to capture her opinions of books, movies and music. Really, it was just a place for me to share stuff with my sister - sort of like this blog is.

I last updated it in April 2011. And somehow, despite having 0 followers and practically no promotion (other than in my blog and one post on my Facebook page) it has been viewed way more times than this blog. Almost twice as much.

Guess I better start recording her insights again. Especially since we've been watching classics like Tomb Raider and National Treasure.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playing telephone

On most Wednesday evenings my husband takes the kid to her swimming lessons at the YMCA. Once a month they end up having a second dinner post-lesson at Taco Bell.

Tonight my cell phone rang shortly after her lesson wrapped up. They were in the car so the kid was on the phone.
Kid: Mommy, can you make us dinner.N
Me: err, okay (looks at the plate of half eaten dinner the kid left on the table)
Kid: *sobs*
Me: What's wrong, honey?
Kid: Daddy said we can't go to Taco Bell because I had trouble pooping.
Me: Pardon?
After a bit I figured out that she was constipated and hubby wanted to make sure it was okay to take her to Taco Bell. It took way too long to get that.
Kid: Mommy said we could go! Pardon, Mommy, what did you say?
Me: I said it was fine for you to go to Taco Bell.
Kid: yup. It is okay.
Me: Tell Daddy it will probably cure your constipation too.
Kid: Daddy, Mommy says Taco Bell is exactly what I need to make me not constipated!
Daddy: *laughter* Did Mommy mean to be funny? *laughter*
Kid: No, she said we could go.
Me: Have a fun time at Taco Bell.
Kid: Is there anything at Taco Bell you like?
Me: No, nothing.
And these types of conversations happen every. single. night. :D