Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games

Reading The Hunger Games on her
Kindle while eating red peppers.
The kid announced that she can't wait to see The Hunger Games.

I told her that we could go and see it - if she read the book. Yes, she is still seven so I'm not 100% on this but she did read all the Harry Potter books so she has covered some dark material.

She's just started reading it and here are a few of her observations
Kid: "I know why they're called the Hunger Games - everyone is hungry"

Kid: "Is Katniss a girl?"
Me: "Yes"
Kid: "I thought so. She seems like me."
Me: "How so?"
Kid: "She goes in to places that it is illegal for her to go."
Me: "What illegal places do you go to?"
Kid: "I meant she does dangerous stuff."
Me: "What dangerous stuff do you do?"
Kid: "Like running around where they are playing basketball."
Me: "Right. Totally the same."
(It is possible that I am a little sarcastic to my child from time to time)

Kid: "When do I finally get to read about the Hunger Games?"

Kid: "I think that Katniss goes to the Hunger Games. She seems like the main character and I'm sure she is going to win! Doesn't she, Mommy?"

Kid: "ooooh, Mommy! The reaping is starting! I just got to 4%"

I can't wait to her her opinions on chapter two...

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