Thursday, March 1, 2012

Playing telephone

On most Wednesday evenings my husband takes the kid to her swimming lessons at the YMCA. Once a month they end up having a second dinner post-lesson at Taco Bell.

Tonight my cell phone rang shortly after her lesson wrapped up. They were in the car so the kid was on the phone.
Kid: Mommy, can you make us dinner.N
Me: err, okay (looks at the plate of half eaten dinner the kid left on the table)
Kid: *sobs*
Me: What's wrong, honey?
Kid: Daddy said we can't go to Taco Bell because I had trouble pooping.
Me: Pardon?
After a bit I figured out that she was constipated and hubby wanted to make sure it was okay to take her to Taco Bell. It took way too long to get that.
Kid: Mommy said we could go! Pardon, Mommy, what did you say?
Me: I said it was fine for you to go to Taco Bell.
Kid: yup. It is okay.
Me: Tell Daddy it will probably cure your constipation too.
Kid: Daddy, Mommy says Taco Bell is exactly what I need to make me not constipated!
Daddy: *laughter* Did Mommy mean to be funny? *laughter*
Kid: No, she said we could go.
Me: Have a fun time at Taco Bell.
Kid: Is there anything at Taco Bell you like?
Me: No, nothing.
And these types of conversations happen every. single. night. :D

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