Sunday, May 6, 2012

Division of Labour

Hubby and I split responsibilities around the house. For instance, if vomit or child related bodily functions occur, I take care of it. If something is dead (i.e. mouse), he takes care of it.

I think that is fair.

Last night, he went to bed with a migraine. So, I was awake at midnight when the cat caught a mouse. And then played with it. Poor mouse wasn't actually dead. She let it go every few minutes and then got it again. It was pretty mean. It is possible that me yelling at the cat to, "just kill it. Don't be a jerk. Oh. My. God. You are such a bitch!" may have woken him up and caused him to come downstairs to take care of things. Alas, Sera lost the mouse. It ran away. However, 14 hours later I discovered a corpse. And guess what, my wonderful husband took care of it.

I just don't do dead things.

But I have caught dog pee in my hand. On Christmas.