Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 2 - Motionsickeness? FML.

We were up bright and early on Monday morning. DH headed off to the conference around 7:30am. So, kid and I went to California Adventure.

We headed for Carsland and looked at the 1.5 hour wait to get fast passes for the Radiator Springs ride. We decided to wait 20 minutes to ride it then instead. By the time we were getting off the ride the wait was 120 minutes. It was pretty awesome.

We waited 10 minutes to ride Mater's Junkyard Jamboree - reminded me of the teacup ride. Then, we headed over to Paradise Pier. We went on The Little Mermaid (walk on), Golden Zephyr (walk on), Jumpin' Jellyfish (walk on), Goofy's Sky School (2 minutes - and awful). We went on Mickey's Fun Wheel which both the kid and I hated - because we chose the one where the gondola moves around and it is not the best. They even provided air sickness bags which is never a good thing. Then, we went on King Triton's Carousel.

We were going to get fast passes for California Screamin' but someone had a fast pass that was good for 6 people so they asked us to join them. We did. We shouldn't have. Hailey was fine. I was not. It is a good thing that I had not had breakfast.

So, we had breakfast. At Ghirardelli's. Ice-cream is the breakfast of champions. We then went on Grizzly River Run (someone gave us a fast pass) and went back to the hotel. It was not quite 11am.

We spent hours at the pool. I even ordered food there. Not that she ate any of it. Finally I called an end to the pool and we went to Disneyland.

We walked through Sleeping Beauty Castle and Tarzan's Treehouse. Then we had a snack/drink at Jolly Holiday Bakery. Cherry Lemonade, Orange soda and a giant cinnamon roll that kid devoured. It was stupid busy so we went back to the hotel for a rest. DH came back at 5:15 and we went for dinner.

At at a yummy Mexican restaurant in Downtown Disney and then went to Disneyland. It was packed so we checked out Innovations, lined up for It's a Small World for a good 30 minutes. But the ride was fantastic!!!! We then rode the Disneyland Railroad to the front of the park and went back to the hotel. We were in our room before 9 pm. Gave the kid a bath and waited for her to pass out. It's 10 now and everyone but me is fast asleep. Goodnight!

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