Saturday, July 21, 2012

July? Why would you want to buy a bathing suit?

This week did not run as planned. The kid was supposed to be at the cottage with my dad. Alas, on Sunday he was admitted to the hospital. He'll be okay but it did mean we had to find emergency child care.

We were lucky. The kid's best friend was at camp and they had an opening! It was a pretty great program too. They went to the movies, African Lion Safari and the beach. Somehow between the beach and the bus, the kid lost her bathing suit.

I wasn't too worried. It was annoying but, whatever. We can always buy a replacement.

Famous last words.

Did you know that it is next to impossible to find a bathing suit in the middle of July? After looking in various stores at the mall I finally found some in Sears. Can you say inappropriate? Why do they make string bikini's for 7-year-olds? We did finally find one bathing suit in her size that wasn't awful. It is still a two-piece but it is good enough. At least it was 55% off. I guess because only fools go bathing suit shopping in the middle of July.

But, I could have bought her a great back-to-school wardrobe.

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