Sunday, July 15, 2012

Treasure hunting

Since the kid is away, I decided it was time to clean her room. Really, clean it.

This is the worst scavenger hunt imaginable. The things I have found and in the oddest locations.

✓ underwear (found stuffed in with the Barbie accessories. I think it is clean)
✓ chocolate with a bite taken out of it (in with the stuffed animals)
✓ used bits of cotton covered with icky, sticky pink lipstick/gloss
✓ pajama top (stuffed between the desk and the wall)

There is a reason why I try and do the cleaning and organizing when she isn't around. Although, she probably could still hear me yelling. After all, she is only an hour away.

I wonder if she'll even notice all the things that are now gone?

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