Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day 4 - a little lazier

On Wednesday, the kid and I headed to California Adventure in the morning. We walked on to Toy Story Midway Mania. We decided to wait the 50 minutes to ride Luigi's Flying Tires and then headed in to "a bug's land". We went on all the little rides at Flik's Fun Fair. They really were meant for the 3 and under crowd. We saw It's Tough to Be a Bug and then wandered around a bit before stumbling in to Disney Junior - live on Stage! After the show it was almost 11 and we were peckish so we had lunch at Cathay Circle Restaurant.

The kid wanted to eat there because they had pot roast on the menu. Alas, that was the dinner menu. She ended up with sloppy joes and ate some of my pasta. We wrapped up the leftovers for Daddy and went back to the hotel where she watched a tv show and then hubby came back for lunch. He ate our leftovers and a rice krispie drumstick! When he went back to the conference, we headed to the pool.

After our trip to the pool, he was back from the conference. But, he was tired so the kid and I wandered around Downtown Disney for a little while so he could nap. We were trying to decide what one unpractical souvenir we would like to buy. We still haven't figured that out.

We returned to the hotel and took hubby to California Adventure. We rode Ariel and wandered around Cars Town. We then decided to go back to the hotel and send the kid to Pinocchio's Workshop for a couple of hours. She loved it! We spent those hours quickly walking around Downtown Disney. After we picked her up, it was time for bed.

It took her some time to fall asleep which might explain why at 8 am on Thursday morning she is still fast asleep. :D

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